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Facilities FAQ

For a printable version of these FAQs see, Valley View Facilities FAQ

What is the issue on the ballot?

A new K-5/9-12 school building and improvements to the current high school and athletic facilities. The building includes core space for future middle school students and will be designed for future expansion into a full K-12 school facility.

Why do we need this project?

  1. Our Primary, Intermediate, and Junior High buildings do not provide adequate environments in which to teach our children. Lack of climate control, security, ADA accessibility and technology are all placing severe limitations on our students and staff.
  2. Those 3 buildings are in the most need, with all 3 labeled as “Poor” by the OFCC (Ohio Facilities Construction Commission). They will not pay for any renovations to those buildings.
  3. Numerous community meetings showed that there was strong community support for keeping our current high school, which will become a 6-8 middle school.
  4. Community surveys showed the most support for either a new K-12 building or two new buildings (one K-5, the other 9-12). We are simply combining the two most popular plans in a way that is the most cost effective.
  5. This project will provide our students with programming and facilities to prepare them to be competitive with other area schools.

How will this project be funded?

The state (OFCC) will fund 60% of the base project, leaving us with only 40% to raise ourselves. This is the best ratio Valley View has ever received and early indications are that we will not see a better percentage in the future.

We have elected to add a few extra things to the projects which are 100% funded by us.

  1. Some fixed seating for an auditorium at the new building while also using flexible seating to use as cafeteria seating
  2. A new bus garage on this new complex in order to centralize transportation and to increase parking by Barker Field
  3. Basic renovations to the existing high school and athletic facility improvements.

How will we be funding our portion?

With a 5.5 mill bond levy, along with a .5% income tax increase.

Why a combined issue?

We have very serious facility AND operating concerns. We have had to use money from our general fund to supplement repairs. That, in conjunction with the unconstitutional way that Ohio schools are funded, necessitates doing both at the same time.

Why is the bond issue a property tax and the
operating levy an income tax?

We listened to our community and the struggle of how property tax affects certain groups (namely farmers and retirees) more than others. Social Security benefits are not subjected to an income tax, making this proposal less of a burden on our senior citizens.

Where will the K-5/9-12 building be located?

The district is in the process of swapping land with the Weaver family to acquire land to the west of the current high school (past the ball fields) and to the south of the HS in exchange for our land across Manning and across the Pike that was donated to the district by the Swartzel family. This eliminates the concern regarding the pipeline. The facility will be located on this new campus. The exact location is still being examined.

Will the kindergartners be mixed in with high
school students?