We can dispense PRESCRIPTION & NONPRESCRIPTION medication to students only under the following conditions:

  1. Parents are required to complete a Request for Administering Medications form which will be kept on file in the office before any medication will be given to a student.
  2. A statement signed by the prescribing physician must be on file in the office.
  3. The medication (prescription and non-prescription) must be received in the original container in which it was dispensed by the prescribing physician.
  4. The school nurse and/or principal’s designee may dispense medicine. This will not be done by classroom teachers.
  5. The use of inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors (a.k.a. “epi-pens”) are a special circumstance. These may be kept in the possession of students if needed. The office must have the same Request for Administering Medications form on file. However, if parents wish for students to retain possession, an additional form authorizing this must also be completed. These forms are available in the office.

Prescription drugs such as antibiotics that are usually administered three times daily should be dispensed at home. In addition, parents should not send over-the-counter medicines to school for the office to administer unless it is absolutely necessary.