Fall is upon us, even if the temperatures do not yet reflect it.  Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful beginning of a school year.  Routines are clearly established, and more importantly quality teaching and learning is taking place.

On Monday, I presented to the VV Board of Education my recommendation for a comprehensive facility and operating plan moving forward.  All of the materials presented and referenced can be found by clicking on this LINK.  We will continue to have more conversations/meetings/inputs regarding all of this moving forward.  I would like to publicly thank all of the individuals who volunteered to be on our Facilities Planning Committee and those who have participated in the town hall, provided online feedback, attended a board meeting, or attended a monthly Coffee Talk.  

A special thank you to all of the individuals who have volunteered to be WATCH D.O.G.S.  You can go to this LINK to learning more information about the program or to volunteer.  It is exciting to see the benefits this program has on the students, staff, and the volunteers as well.

Finally, the Germantown Press is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” night. This is NOT a school event. Here is the message from the Germantown Press:

“The Germantown Press will be holding a Meet the Candidates Town Hall for those running for Valley View Board of Education on Oct. 14.
The event will be held in the high school choir room beginning at 7 p.m. under a question and answer format.
All questions will come from ones submitted to the paper from the community.
Identical questions will be put together so that it is not asked multiple times.
To submit a question for the Town Hall, please email it to news@miamivalleynewspapers.com. Please put “Town Hall question” in the subject line so we can identify your email as a question.”

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards