On September 16, 2019 Valley View Local Schools held a Facilities Town Hall to discuss the five options proposed by the Facilities Committee. On September 17, we shared the presentation in an online video and published an online survey so we could get feedback from the entire community.

Superintendent Richards, reviewed the exit tickets from the Town Hall and the online surveys to create his recommendation to the Board of Education titled,  Charting a Path to the Future. From here the Board and Superintendent Richards will continute to work with the OFCC, along with Fanning Howey, to define the plan for the district as well as explore Locally Funded Initiatives (LFIs) we may want. Below you will find all of the feedback from the community, as well as information from the OFCC.

Charting a Path to the Future – Presentation by Superintendent Richards – REVISED November, 4 2019

Stability vs. Change – by Superintendent Richards

Observations – by Superintendent Riachrds

Exit Tickets – from the Facilities Town Hall Meeting

Online Feedback – from the online survey

OFCC Comparisions

OFCC District Eligibility Ranking List

Fanning Howey Presentation – from Facilities Town Hall

Facilities Town Hall Presentation Video