The Valley View MVCTC FFA is one of the 8,630 FFA chapters in the United States. Its program is unique compared to others because of its connection with the Miami Valley Career Technical Center and Sinclair Tech Prep Program. The career technical center helps fund and provide for the Valley View agricultural program and with the conjunction with the Sinclair Tech Prep program allows seniors in the agricultural program that have successfully completed two courses are given a $3,000 Sinclair Community College Scholarship. It is with their help and supports that they were able to accomplish on being named a Gold Rated Chapter in Ohio and receiving a 3-Star Chapter rating nationally, the highest honor a chapter can receive. This is an amazing accomplishment for the students involved, as it was their first year applying for it! While applying for the Gold Rated Chapter, you must have a Program of Activities that your chapter plans, executes and completes in the areas of Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening Agriculture. Some of the 2018-19 Program of activities included Popcorn and Professionals Night which provided an opportunity for FFA members to enhance their potential through communication with 5 professionals in the agriculture industry during an industry panel. 100% of those in attendance participated in the industry panel contributing to member’s life goals and development. Also, Happy Harvesters included delivering meals, SMV signs, and handwritten thank you letters to those stakeholders harvesting. 100% of FFA members engaged 27 stakeholders through handwritten thank you letters or face to face communication through the delivery of meals, SMV signs, and thank you letters. Then, Agriculture Awareness Day included activities educating students on tractor safety, equine, cattle, goats, swine, plant science, and wildlife. 30 FFA members educated over 600 elementary students on the impact of agriculture in their daily lives. As you can see, the agricultural program not only influences students but community members as well. They are excited for the year to come and cannot wait to go for gold again this coming year!