Happy Friday to everyone!  I am so proud of the work I have seen this past few weeks.  Staff members going to houses to check up on students, parents and teachers collaborating on how to help students, and some amazing virtual sessions (I am excited about the world-class flute player who is going to do a performance for our band students).  While it is not a substitute for the daily work we do, the creativity and spirit of cooperation has been truly incredible.  Thank you to staff, students, parents, and community members for helping out in this truly unprecedented time.

I am going to apologize to everyone in advance for the length of this post, but we have been hard at work and have much to update!!

– Graduation.  This is probably the most frequent topic I have been asked about the past few weeks.  In looking at what we have been doing as a state, our HS administrative team has been working on organizing a virtual graduation.  This was shown to be a prudent move since the Ohio Department of Education released guidance last night encouraging virtual graduations only.  Today, the HS graduation team included senior leaders from the class to help organize what this will look like.  More details will come out in the coming days, but some of the early ideas I have heard makes me excited about what this group will devise to celebrate and recognize the class of 2020.  We know for sure it will be unique!

End of the School Year.  With the official announcement from the governor that we will not have in-person instruction for the rest of this year, we are planning on altering our end of the year.  Since the last week of school is typically filled with exams, celebrations, and recognitions that we will not be able to have, we are going to have our last day of new instruction as Wednesday, May 13th.  The final week of school will instead be enrichment opportunities and/or focusing on gratitude.  Our last day of school will still be May 21st.

Lunches. Starting next week, we will only distribute lunches on Monday for the entire week. These lunches are available to anyone regardless of income.  Please note: instead of giving individual servings of milk, gallons of milk will be distributed.  Contact Erick Depew if you have any questions about this at erick.depew@valleyview.k12.oh.us  

Grading.  Valley View recognizes that remote learning is not an equal replacement to the powerful and rich learning experiences had during face-to-face class meetings. While we are proud of what our teachers are accomplishing and grateful for what the students are contributing, it just is not the same. We believe that because the learning is not the same, the grading should not be the same either.

It is critical for our students to remain engaged in school to the best of their ability during this time. All of our students will still be earning grades during this time, and they must remain engaged in their classes to earn those grades. Student work should be submitted according to the due dates established by teachers. We will continue to accept all student work for credit up until the last official day of school.

  • All K-2 classes will assign each student a mark of RL (Remote Learning) where the fourth quarter grade is typically entered.  Teachers will be using the comment section to fully explain the on-going progress that was observed during the fourth quarter, or the lack of evidence of progress that was observed during the fourth quarter. 


  • For students in grades 3-8, teachers will assign a grade of Pass or Fail for the fourth quarter.  Provided a student has been sufficiently engaged with the learning process in a class (as determined by the teacher), the student will receive a PASS for the fourth quarter.  Additionally, the student’s grade, in the form of a percentage, will be listed in the comment section for informational purposes only.  Thus, no student who has been engaged in the learning process will have their overall class grade hindered by the fourth quarter.  The overall final year grade will be calculated using the first through third quarter grades.  Junior high students taking courses for high school credit should refer to the high school guidelines below.  


  • Students at Valley View High School will continue to receive a letter grade for the 4th quarter.  During the 2nd semester, If a student had a passing grade at the end of the 3rd quarter, that student cannot receive a failing grade for the 2nd semester as long as the student was engaged (determined by the classroom teacher).  If a student is not engaged as determined by the classroom teacher, they can fail the 4th quarter.  Should a student perform well during the 4th quarter/extended closure, they may earn a semester grade HIGHER than their earned 3rd quarter grade.  Students will not have second-semester final exams. College Credit Plus courses can be an exception.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe, and GO SPARTANS!

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards