In September 2018 Valley View collaborated with Wright State University, the ESC, and eight other districts to focus on the Whole Child Program. As the name suggests, the project focuses on all aspects of child’s life including Health, PE, a Safe Physical Environment, Specialized Services, School Counseling, Psychology, Preventative Programs, Mental/Behavioral Health, Nutrition Services, Social Emotional Learning & Staff Wellness.

We recognize that education and health are directly related in determining a student’s success. Foundational building blocks of education show us that before a student can learn key skills such as processing, phonology, or critical thinking strategies they need to have a solid base of an ability to pay attention, self-regulate, control impulses, have a handle on internal and external behavior, and a self-perception of their strengths and weaknesses.

In the last 6 months the VV Whole Child Team has:

Adopted 5 action steps from input from members of the community through the strategic planning process at Valley View in the fall; as well as the guidance from our collaborating partners (WSU & the ESC). These goals are

  1. Quarterly family education/outreach
  2. Student/staff mentorship in each grade
  3. Volunteer development
  4. Quarterly mental health PD
  5. Annual needs assessment for all

Though a grant, hosted Prime for Life, an evidence-based preventative program, for most 7th and 8th graders.

Set other preventative programs and assessments for next year that are also evidence-based, and grant-funded.

Building an Advisory Committee made up of community members, parents, business owners, staff, and others who are focused on caring for kids so they can be as successful as possible.